Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WindowsXP WGA Fix

WindowsXP WGA Fix

This is an All-In-One toolkit, containing everything you
need, to deal with the latest anti-piracy measures by
Microsoft, for their most successful OS to date.

The suite contains 3 patches, each with a purpose.

Patch #1: The oldest fixed in the package.
It's a registry fix, that will bypass old WGA
checks, that are pretty much outdated now.
It won't hurt to install, so go ahead if you

Patch #2: The new patch, for the latest WGA update.
This will deal with the latest WGA DLL files,
on your PC, and make it pass validation tests.
Always install ALL the WGA updates before
using this! Install all the update, means that
you should also install the manual, Hight
Priority updates for Windows Genuine Advantage,
and Windows Genuine Notifications...
(See the DIZ for the current WGA version)

Patch #3: This patch deals only with the internal WGA
check, found in the XP installer of Windows
Media Player 11. While installing WMP 11, the
user is required to click a button to validate
Windows. This will work differently than the
normal WGA checks, so you might need this patch.
If your validation fails during the installation,
Simply apply this patch, and click the validation
button again, to make it bypass the check.
Once it's installed, it will bother you no more.




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